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Corporate Training & Travel Security

The business world today is becoming increasingly globalized. Companies and non-profit organizations no longer remain in one location as a sole means of carrying out their mission. As business professionals and leaders of organizations such as churches and medical teams travel to potentially hostile areas of the world, the need for real world, no nonsense training in regards to self protection is now an important part of the business function.

The Ministry of Defense has a proven track record of preparing international business professionals for the potential dangers that may confront them. By using custom tailored programs that are designed for the specific needs of the professional, our clients have become more aware of their environments and situations. In turn, they are more proficient in detecting, deterring, and defeating hazards to their well-being.

The backbone of the self-protection programs offered by M.O.D. encompass physical skill development. Body movement, proper hand and leg techniques, and improvised weaponology serve as the keystone of self-protection for the business traveller. Coupled with the physical aspects of the course, students are given in-depth instruction regarding Environmental and Situations Awareness Tactics, or E.S.A.T.

Alongside physical self-protection skill development, the Ministry of Defense provides bespoke training for business travelers in areas such as travel security, business continuity in hostile environments, and kidnapping prevention. Because the needs of the client vary depending upon the nature of their business and the environment, no two programs are alike. We conduct exhaustive research in reference to the areas in which the business traveller will be operating, taking into consideration the culture as well as political and social events that are current in the area.

The Ministry of Defense stands ready to assist you as you prepare to safely and successfully carry out your business affairs at home and abroad.