- Self Defense Classes -

Today, self defense is more important than ever. It’s a sense of security that empowers the individual to face any situation. We utilize Krav Maga as a base for our self defense instruction. Our system is suited for all ages and all levels of physical ability. We are strictly a self defense based school. There is no competitive component to our training program. The techniques are intended to get you out of a physical attack situation and back to safety as quickly as possible. Come join us and start your empowerment journey!


- Schedule -

School Location: Cityfitness

30 East 1st St.Lexington, NC 27292


Wednesday: Member Class 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.


- Special Skill Set Seminars -

The Ministry of Defense will be presenting special skill set seminars periodically. These seminars have a strong focus on specific subject matter to further enhance the students training and are intended to give students skills they cannot obtain at other schools. More details to follow.