- Frequently Asked Questions -

Is your organization a Christian organization?
YES, with ZERO apologies.

What style of martial arts do you teach?
Krav Maga, the Israeli art of self-defense, is the backbone of our practice. While there are many different methodologies within the Krav Maga community, we strive to maintain its core principles, all the while drawing on our combined years of diversified experience. We are also able to provide training in respective arts such as karate, classical jujutsu, judo, muay thai, blade training, and military combatives upon request.

What are your self-defense classes like?
Ministry of Defense offers weekly classes in Krav Maga, Karate, and self-defense. Clients seeking private and small group instruction are also welcome. In addition, the Ministry of Defense offers seminars and workshops pertaining to situational awareness, threat recognition, travel security, and Biblical self-defense. Our classes are designed to be realistic, yet safe.

Do you provide military combatives training services to the general public, law enforcement, and military?
Yes, after proper vetting has occurred. The techniques, tactics, and strategies taught by the Ministry of Defense are the product of years of training and research and should not come into the arsenal of miscreants and those who would cause unwarranted harm on innocent people. We at the Ministry of Defense are joined by other martial artists and self-defense experts. As such, if the motives of the applicant are ulterior and impure, one should think thrice before approaching this organization. We are Christian men, but under no circumstances should we be considered passive.

Is the Ministry of Defense a ministry?
We believe that ministry is something you do. It is not a vocation. As Christians, we believe everything we do should be done as if we are doing it directly for God. As such, we teach people to protect themselves in that manner.

Is martial arts and self-defense training dangerous?
Any physical activity, martial arts included, inherently poses the possibility of injury. We make very conceivable effort to ensure that no one becomes injured. Our classes are designed to be realistic, yet safe. If you get hurt, you cannot effectively learn. Besides, we all have to go to work every morning.

The services you provide look expensive. Are they affordable?
Yes. The fees for martial arts training, self-defense consulting services, and threat assessment and protective intelligence analysis are guided by the admonition to guard against filthy lucre in 1 Timothy 3:8-10. While highly specialized self defense services can be expensive, the Ministry of Defense maintains a fee schedule that is based on the service needed by the client.

Do you provide security and investigative services such as surveillance, bodyguard, or guard services?
No. We are not private investigators. Our training and consulting services are not investigatory in nature.

Our organization is in need of protective intelligence services. What is the difference between protective intelligence and traditional investigations offered by law enforcement and/or private investigators?
Intelligence as a process and as a product differs greatly from investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies and private investigators. Intelligence is exploratory and is broader in scope, whereas an investigation is narrower. The purpose of an investigation is to gather facts after something has occurred in order to either judicialize it or use the information for a legal or business purpose. Intelligence as a practice and as a product is synthesized and research based consistent with the focus of the project. Conversely, investigations are fact-finding missions that most often occur after an incident has taken place.

I'm curious. Why is the Bear your mascot?
The Bear represents power, grace, speed, and tenacity. It is also a symbol of a survivor in the midst of great odds and overwhelming adversity. The bear also represents the favorite technique of Dr. Everidge: the bear paw strike.


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