Ministry of Defense

- Our Philosophy -

In a street fight there are no rules. Continuing an engagement with your attacker and trying to punish them can be deadly. By staying close to your assailant, he or she can pull out a concealed weapon and harm you. Or, another assailant could come to their assistance. One of the key philosophies of the Ministry of Defense is to disengage whenever you can. If you have no choice, immediately engage to cause as much damage to the attacker as quickly as possible then disengage to safety.

Martial arts techniques are designed to inflict the maximum amount of damage in the minimum amount of time during a life-threatening confrontation. You will be trained to neutralize the attacker with effective and devastating techniques and tactics that will ensure your well-being.

Our philosophy is simple: engage and rapidly disengage. Engage your adversary only if there is no other choice, but if necessary use overwhelming force to neutralize the threat. Then, rapidly disengage before any accomplices can enter the confrontation.

The goal is simple: Go home safe, and walk in peace.

The bedrock philosophies of the Ministry of Defense are:

1. We don't live to fight, If we must fight, we fight to survive and thrive. The ultimate goal in any conflict is to find a peaceful solution. Violence is the absolute last resort. It is important to understand that you have a responsibility to use your knowledge, abilities, and talents for protecting yourself or your loved ones. Our tactics and techniques are effective, devastating, and potentially lethal. They are not appropriate for satisfying your ego by starting fights and harming innocent people. You will be taught, and expected, to respect others and suppress your ego. In a confrontation, violence should only be utilized if you have no other recourse.

2. Seek peace, but prepare for conflict. Even though you are not looking for trouble, the Ministry of Defense helps you prepare for the worst-case scenario. When you look for a peaceful solution by trying to deescalate a conflict, an aggressor may take this as a sign of weakness. By being trained at the Ministry of Defense, you are always prepared for conflict while never revealing that you have been trained. Your primary motivation is to always make it clear that you are not seeking a fight. However, if the aggressor persists, you will be prepared to do what is necessary, go home safely, and walk in peace.

3. The only winner in a fight is the person that walks away from the conflict with minimal damage and goes home safe! Your judgment should never be clouded by your pride or your ego. If you beat someone unmercifully in the street, you could face criminal charges and a loss of your reputation. You have nothing to prove by unnecessarily maiming someone. Instead, you are victorious if you go home to your loved ones alive and safe.

4. Progress, or regress. At the Ministry of Defense, we believe that the key to survival is to continuously evolve and progress. Criminals constantly evolve with the weapons and tactics they employ against their victims. The Ministry of Defense recognizes the need to understand and transcend new threats. Martial arts that remain static and stuck on “tradition” can quickly become outdated. The techniques, tactics, and strategies taught by the Ministry of Defense are constantly being evaluated to see if they are still viable.